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 Winsor & Newton

Antique Watercolor Paint, catalogs &

Paint charts


The Virtual Museum of Watercolor
This Virtual Museum is a collection of photographs
items are shown on this page are for historical interest -and are not for sale and
are physically in various collections throughout the world
Winsor & Newton
Watercolor & Drawing Materials catalog c.1849-50 version
This 164+ year old version of the Winsor Newton catalog Lists watercolor supplies , paint, paper & brushes available to artists of the time.
See surviving paint blocks ,palette and tools from the 1800's below
The date of this version of their catalog is derived
from page 3 below. They began producing moist paint in 1832
and sixteen years later would be 1848, when the catalog was written.
They may have printed the same catalog version for several years in the back of art books
they produced where this one was found.
Click on images below to see full page -higher resolution photos.
Click on images below to see full page -higher resolution photos.

 The items on this page are not for sale.

Photos are shown in the Virtual Museum for historic interest.

Winsor & Newton
Antique Paint Blocks
pre 1882
From 1882 and on they are marked
Winsor Newton Ltd.

Blocks are approximately 1 1/8 x 5/8 by 3/16 inch thick photo enlarged for detail
See below for color charts of these paints- and later

c. 2010 R M Bodoh

Winsor & Newton Artists watercolor paint box
around 1862 more information
Winsor & Newton's
Water Colors
in c.1887- 1890's Catalog:
The the text at the bottom of
the left hand page notes
the labeling paint "SL" for select list
of permanent colors.
this is one of the first designations
of permanent colors in the industry, which
they pioneered.
larger photo
larger photo
The color swatch charts of the actual colors painted on a strip of paper and mounted in this catalog:
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Note: these colors have subtilties that
cannot be captured in any other media.
Winsor & Newton
Watercolour Paint in porcelain pans- full size
some in original wrapper.
I believe earlier versions of this date range of packaging had no color borders in the wrap, see photo on left..

The SL on the wrapper indicates that they are in their Select List of permanent colors.
Some are no longer are as permanent as modern colors.
the unwrapped pan of color on right is Aurora Yellow
photo enlarged for detail
See below for color charts of these paints-

c. 2010 R M Bodoh

Brochure from the Winsor & Newton Exhibit
seen in Great Exhibitions in the 1890's
Click here for larger photo

Click here for larger photo

Winsor & Newton
Box showing their manufactory around the late 1800's
c. 2012 R M Bodoh
 Watercolor paint blocks were invented by brothers William and Thomas Reeves in the 1760' -1770s
In 1835 Winsor & Newton introduced the first moist watercolor cakes using glycerine - & honey. They were readily wettable making easier to use.
This and the new colors being invented by chemists contributed to the watercolour painting popularity in Victorian England- artists could paint out doors more easily.
In the late 1880's Winsor Newton was the first company to spear head the discussion of the permanency of colors and which were likely to fade. They began labeling their paints with a "SL" for their Select List of permanent watercolour paint.
Queen Victoria & Prince Albert were great patrons of the arts encouraged the arts through many programs. One way was to expand the royal warrants- providing a guarantee of quality of many art supplies. 
 This warrant is carried forward by the royal family on everything from paint to cereal. See the royal warrant seal in the upper right & left hand corner of the brochure below. "By Special appointment ......"
A Winsor & Newton
Water Colour paint chart
with individually painted
samples of color mounted
around 1910 :
larger photo
The paper on is of a laid texture
larger photo

c. 1862 Medium Size Oval Palette and logo detail
c.1862 Winsor And Newton 3 well palette and logo on back
c.1863 or later palette & logo
c.1879 Palette logo Large Palette c.1879:
c.1879 Palette logo Large Palette c.1879 it is approximately
It has a fine crazing due to age.
7 inches at its widest.9 inches at its longest
Winsor And Newton mark below
c.1890's Palette





Winsor & Newton

Antique Watercolor catalog c.1860



This 150+ year old catalog of Winsor Newton watercolor supplies in from c.1860 showing paint, paper & brushes available to artists such as Winslow Homer, JMW Turner and other luminaries of the time. See surviving paint blocks from the time below.





Not all of these are for sale , some are shown for historical interest.
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