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Fine Metal-craft for over 20 years
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These one of a kind sculptures by Larry Henke are crafted in steel
with stained glass. copper, brass,and or nickel.
All pieces on this page are sold.
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"Kitchen Kelties"
"Blue Obelisk"
9 feet" high and 16" by 14" at the base SOLD
38"Long 17" High $750,SOLD
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 "Sacred Object"
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"Rabbit Trap"
This piece with antique
rusticated bits evokes
images of the past.
71" high 19"wide 14"deep $2100SOLD

 Garden sculptures:

 "Garden Fiddle"
Skillfully crafted in copper and
brass on a steel base.
50" high
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Obelisks & Spires
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Light reflects off the shiny nickel pendulum through the opening at the top.
78 " high and 12 " wide
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With Clock Set in Copper & Blue Glass
78 " high and 12 " wide
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"New Flowers/ Old Garden"
Gears as flowers burst out of the ground while artifacts remain underground
77" High SOLD
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Copper faced figures with blue stained glass features on this steel piece.
78" high and 7 x19 " wide
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This creation has a stained glass eye. The Spigot at the bottom can be hooked up as a fountain.
71" high x 14x26 SOLD
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"Monkey Jungle"
This delightful sculpture has
green and rust patinas.
79" High 8"X8"
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Tex greets in a friendly
way by tipping his hat.
77" High SOLD
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This pirate guards His treasure chest
containing only his lunch:an apple and a sandwich.
10ft tall to tip of sword. SOLD
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"Frank & Flow"
These stylish travelers are made of found bits of various metals 6 Ft + tall. can ship by ups
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"Three Dolphins "
Steel 7' 6" high
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 "Whirligig "
7' 6" high
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 "Garden Fiddle"
Skillfully crafted in copper and
brass on a steel base.
50" high
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Several of Larry's sculptures were recently shown in the "Art in the Park" show at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park, Key West
"Pirate Treasure"-Now on permanent display in the park-Three life size pirate skeletons created by Larry of copper, brass,steel & found iron bits. Fort Zachary in the background in this photo. Larry works on an earlier pirate "The Fiddler"


This joyous creature is shown robustly jumping into the sky. Made of recycled partially chromed steel on a steel base.
9 feet high and 4 feet wide at widest point


Three sided sculptured towers
hand-crafted in copper, and brass
on steel with stained glass circles.
Set of three SOLD
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These three figures are crafted in steel with copper and stained glass.


"Three Shamans"
72" high


This dog is crafted in mixed
metals-22" high SOLD
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"Cat Listening to Itself Purr"
Made with delightful found bits including
brass hinges and French horn
parts for ribs. 20" high SOLD
"Quatro" the dog


This perky dog is made of found bits of Steel, brass, chrome and more Fifi is 23" high to tip of tail and 32 long She stands on her own. $360 sold

"Puddles" 22" long


By Larry Henke
Steel, brass, bronze and
other found metal bits
(5 feet tall)


This elegant steed is captured
in graceful curves. 58"high


Crafted of steel, stainless steel
and aluminum
42" x48"


Crafted of steel, stainless steel
and aluminum
6 foot
7 foot 6"
"Burt "
Burt 5' 9
 "Fireman Mike" is made of found metal bits
and a brass fire nozzle which can be used as
a fountainhead. He is 5 1/2 feet tall.- Private
collection Key West FL
42" high SOLD


"Double Helisk"


"Pollen Count"By Larry Henke
50" high approximately
 "St.Francis of the Water-birds"


50" high approximately
Mr.& Mrs. Chime Head-
steel, copper & brass. 6' High

Here is his Grandmother Clock of cedar and brass. She is dozing off in her chair while her pendulum keeps pace.
Pressing down on her shoulder awakes her- opening her eyes to reveal temperature and humidity.
The clock works are battery operated. She is about 5 feet tall sitting.
"Mr Coffee & Mr Tea" created out of found bits including coffee serving pots. Mr coffee is 38" high holds cream & sugar and
is quite perky. Mr.Tea is 58" and is quite calm with saucer and tea bag

 "Key West Gothic"

Fall 1999 -

Anyone visiting Key West can not help but notice the abundance of chickens that grace our tiny island. They amusingly amble about- absent any particular reason or direction. To the consternation of many, the roosters crow at all hours of the day or night, often mistaking street and porch lights for the rising sun.
Key West Sculptor Larry Henke has whimsically captured this unique cocka-doodle-doo phenomenon in this cedar and copper sculpture for the ‘WarpTime’ Fantasy Fest Celebration.

The cedar figures are approximately 5 ft tall.


"Ernie's First Fish"
A young boy's adventure
27" high SOLD
Larger Photo
"Shutterbug Scuba Ernie"
"Jo & Pup"
Ernie's sister Jo takes Pup for a walk. 30" High


Votive Tree
Steel with copper & brass bird house
and cobalt blue votives.
69" high 48" wide





"Barracuda fountain"

Hand-crafted in copper
52" high x 16" basin
"Fish Table Two"
Steel & Copper With thick glass top.
14" x 38" top 33 1/2" High
"Fish Table"
18x24" top 29" high
Steel with copper, brass & glass top
"Parrot Fern Stand"
51" High 11 x11" top
Steel with copper, brass & glass top
"Heron Table"
By Larry Henke
Steel, Copper & Bronze
16" x 20" top 30" High
Shipping additional on this
"Parrot Table"
Blue painted steel with copper,
brass & cedar top 15 x18" " top
30" high SOLD
Shipping additional on this


"Parrot Table #5"
15 x18" " top 30" high SOLD
Steel with copper, brass & cedar top


Larry in the studio with
1 saloon sign.
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Thank you & enjoy our creations,
               Larry Henke
These creations are suitable for indoors or out. The metals with recycled content will gain a rich natural patina with time and weather.   more about patina.
All designs and photographs shown herein are original and copyright protected.
(c) Copyright 1985- 2006 Larry Henke & Ronald Bodoh