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From 1900's on
"The Original Turkey Mill - Kent"
An artisan book From the 1930's
Showing Fine prints and Engravings on papers made in the Original Turkey Paper Mill of Hollingsworth
(previous mill of Whatman papers)
Title page shown below.

This show cases 11 actual fine art prints made by various printing methods
embossed or printed onto the paper and bound into this book.
Methods include copper plate etchings, offset litho, embossing, Photogravures, callotype and even stamped and hand painted illumination
They are printed on various samples of paper that are appropriate to the works reproduced with notations on the printing methods .
There is tissue bound in the book protecting each print.
In addition there is a history of The Turkey Paper mill in the front of the book.
Below are actual etchings based on works by Rembrandt
with in all the richness of the originals:
"The Beggers"and "Self Portrait"
photos are not actual size
Condition of this book: Very good
Very Clean inside, some of the pages have very light toning -
some slight wear -Hard bound vook
Bound in tissue covers original prints
made in the 1930's
Size 9 1/2 x 12 inches 5/8" thick
A Rare Book of acutal prints and a fine gift.- See more photos below
The Original Turkey Mill -Holingworth Papers Book
not for sale - shown for reference
Book is approximately 7 ix 4 5/8 inches.
We have made every effort to accurately describe this book. This book is sold as is, no returns.
Please e mail us if there are any questions.
photos are not actual size
Various other original prints are in the book done by various methods to demonstrate best use of fine papers.
Photogravures, copper plate etchings, offset litho, embossing, callotype and even stamped and hand painted illumination
above and below photogravures embossed into the paper
photos are not actual size
Below an offset lithograph
Spine above
Front cover above note gilded edge
Photos are copyright protected
(c)1985-2011 All original designs and photographs shown herein are and copyright protected.
(c) Copyright 1985- 2011 The Whimsie Studio, Larry Henke, Ronald Bodoh
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